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Team - The Goodrick Team

The Goodrick Team

Lee and Beth Goodrick are knowledgeable, approachable, and believe they can be relied on as a financial resource to people of all backgrounds, from high net worth individuals to small business owners and families. With a combination of extensive wealth management knowledge and over four decades of combined experience Lee and Beth deliver sound and prudent advice to their clients and their families.

Lee and Beth have earned the privilege of nurturing countless lifelong client relationships, many spanning several family generations. They take pride in servicing the children and grandchildren of their clients and providing their clients with an attentive ear. Their vision for creating fundamentally sound, personalized, long term investment strategies has attracted a loyal client base. By listening to client concerns, demonstrating patience, and explaining complex information, Lee and Beth have assisted those clients in pursuing financial goals.

The Goodrick Team strives to establish strong relationships based on trust, exceptional service, personal attention and advice. We're committed to providing personal interaction with our clients. Our team has talent and expertise and is genuinely personable and down-to-earth. We believe in the virtue of listening before speaking and take pride in delivering a high level of service and being accessible when our clients need us most, qualities that make for a great foundation for long and prosperous relationships.

Managing your wealth is a big responsibility. The process of managing your wealth can be complex and, at times, overwhelming. The relationship with your wealth advisors shouldn’t be. The Goodrick Team endeavors to keep things simple, continually keep you informed and ahead of the curve, and inspire confidence in the path you travel. With the Goodrick Team, you have a partner you can trust for highly qualified opinions and one-to-one advice today, tomorrow and anytime in the future.


Our actions are guided by a set of immutable values; they ensure we’re intentional in all we do and provide a firm foundation to help fulfill our mission.

Thoughtfulness: Be giving with your time and gracious with your attention. Getting to know clients is the key to an enduring relationship. Listen closely while others speak, and think carefully before speaking yourself.

Education: Advice is the thread that is woven into a family’s long-term wealth and prosperity. We believe that educating our clients is the key to a successful financial future. We mentor each generation and improve financial literacy.

Transparency: Our commitment to clearly define the reasons and cost structure of financial decisions for all we serve.

Integrity: Aligns who we are with what we do, holding true to the belief that actions speak louder than words.

Innovation: Dedication to a collaborative process which provides better solutions and a value-rich culture.

Service: Delivering exceptional client experiences, we hope to provide a positive impact on the families, professionals and businesses with which we work by always striving toward complete client satisfaction by exceeding expectations.

Team Pledge: Design a personalized long term strategy with the goal to consistently grow, effectively manage, and efficiently transfer your family’s wealth. To be thorough, communicative and accessible.


Our Commitment during the process

The Goodrick Team addresses every facet of your financial life in an integrated, personal way. We expect to be partners with our clients in making investment decisions, with the final choices left to the client. Our role is to craft the best solutions to fit your family’s needs. We will design a personalized investment plan that is consistently monitored and responds to ever changing market cycles. We will keep you informed on current market trends and associated risks to your investment plan.

All families are unique, and designing the right investment strategy begins with understanding a family’s goals and objectives and balancing those goals with cash flow needs, risk tolerance and time horizon. We work with you to assess your family’s needs with regard to educational planning, wealth transfers, tax optimization and philanthropy. We don’t mind rolling up our sleeves and working with you to find the right solution to your situation.

Our Process: Life changes. So does your financial life. We believe that managing wealth is an iterative process. It is a process that is never “finished“. Every facet of your life can impact your wealth: business, family, relationships, health, lifestyle, dreams. A comprehensive financial planner connects the dots in your financial life. Together, we will create a blueprint for your financial peace of mind that is unique to you, and changes and grows with your needs.

Listen: We get acquainted with you, your family and your values. We help you articulate and prioritize the goals you have for your wealth as they relate to your lifestyle, business, children, philanthropy, and aspirations.

Learn: The Goodrick Team gathers, interprets, and summarizes your pertinent financial information. From this research, we identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that you could face while working toward your goals.

Conceptualize: By understanding what structures and strategies have been put in place to accomplish goals, we generate ideas for new strategies that can complement existing plans. We interpret your financial picture, and identify and assess additional opportunities and strategies to help you achieve your goals, creating a realistic plan to meet your financial goals.

Implement: Once your goals have been established, we translate your overall financial strategy into a tactical action plan including asset allocation, specific investment vehicles, and manager selection. While developing and executing your customized financial program, we will walk you through the process helping you feel confident in your decisions.

Assess: The foundation of our success lies in quality relationships based on regular client communication. We meet with our clients regularly to review investment performance, assess progress toward goals, and check in to hear about events and occurrences that may impact your wealth. All done to make life easier and less complicated for our clients.

Optimize: Using our experience to help you navigate the volatility of today’s markets, we constantly search for ways to optimize your opportunities in a variety of economic situations, keeping you informed on current trends and market cycles that may affect your long-term goals.

Other Solutions: As your advisor, our goal is to thoroughly understand what your needs are and to find the right solution to that need. We offer insurance solutions with, Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance and Disability Income Insurance.

The Goodrick team works closely with our clients’ attorneys and accountants to incorporate comprehensive tax, estate and trust planning services. When you work with us, you get the full complement of expertise from everyone on the Goodrick team as well as our extended Wintrust Wealth Management family of specialized experts and Wintrust Bank partners. Through affiliated entities, we can provide our clients trust, asset management and banking services. We will introduce you to a specialized team of industry professionals that make every effort to understand your goals and objectives.

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