Board of Directors sitting around table

Board of Directors

Board of Directors sitting around table

Board of Directors

Each member of the Board of Directors for Wintrust Investments, The Chicago Trust Company, Great Lakes Advisors, and Chicago Deferred Exchange Company brings meaningful skills and experience to the table. Collectively, they have a diverse perspective on leadership, business, and philanthropy. Moreover, they all have strong ties to the communities we serve, which will help us further strengthen our position as Chicago's wealth manager.

Ingrid Stafford Board Member:

Ingrid Stafford

Board Member:

Wintrust Investments
The Chicago Trust Company
Great Lakes Advisors

Ingrid Stafford retired in 2019 from Northwestern University after a career working in financial administration, including serving as its vice president for financial operations and treasurer. She is a trustee of the Evanston Alternative Opportunities Fund, an SEC-registered fund advised by Evanston Capital Management. Ingrid has professional expertise in several domains, including audit, finance, enterprise risk, debt, and investment management, and has served as audit chair in both corporate and nonprofit sectors. She received her bachelor’s degree from Wittenberg University and earned two master’s degrees: one from the University of Michigan, and one from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. An active volunteer and leader in Evanston, she is a participant in continuing education for bank directors, a fellow of Leadership Greater Chicago, and a co-chair of WomenCorporateDirectors - Chicago.

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