Tax-Loss Selling: A Silver Lining in Volatile Markets

December 6, 2018 -

Strategic sales can improve your asset allocation and help alleviate the tax hit typically associated with realignment.

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Key Provisions of 2017 Tax Reform

January 24, 2018 -

Final provisions of the 2017 tax reform bill and their impact on individual investors and business owners.

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These Charitable Investment Strategies Deliver a ‘Three-fer’

September 25, 2017 -

These three maneuvers will tend to deliver a higher tax benefit than writing a check and deducting it, and may even improve your portfolio.

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A Tax-Efficient Portfolio Makeover May Be Less Painful Than You Think

March 18, 2017 -

Proper accounting of cost basis is essential to avoid paying more taxes than you need to.

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What is on Deck For Your 2017 Taxes?

January 9, 2017 -

The skinny on dividend and capital gains taxes, IRA and 401(k) contribution limits, and more.

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2018 Tax Planning Checklist

A guide to assist you quarter-by-quarter

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Do Not Write Off Tax-Loss Selling in a Strong Market

December 16, 2016 -

Even buy-and-hold investors may be able to identify worthy candidates.

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Essential Financial-Planning Numbers for 2017

December 16, 2016 -

The skinny on retirement-plan contributions, Social Security, and more.

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Have You Taken a Good Look at an HSA?

November 25, 2016 -

For high-income investors who are maxing out other tax-sheltered accounts, the high-deductible healthcare plan/HSA combo is close to a no-brainer.

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Tax-Gain Harvesting Can Be a Profitable Strategy

November 25, 2016 -

‘Stepping up’ cost basis can reduce tax bills for lower-income investors.

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid During Mutual Fund Capital Gain Distribution Season

September 30, 2016 -

Unwanted distributions will be here before you know it—navigate them wisely

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Dividends and Taxes: Dos and Don'ts

October 1, 2015 -

Taxes on qualified dividends are low, but investors can still encounter unwelcome surprises.

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Dos and Don’ts for Mutual Fund Capital Gains

September 24, 2015 -

Selling pre-emptively may make sense on a few occasions, but not usually.

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Cost-Basis Choices Not Set in Stone

March 5, 2015 - Investors may switch methods used to calculate capital gains, with one big exception.
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The Tax Break That Does Not Die With You

February 27, 2015 -

Widowed investors are at risk of missing an important tax break because they are not aware of a key deadline.

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6 Key Reasons Why Investing in a Taxable Account Is Underrated

February 25, 2015 -

Currently low tax rates are one of the key reasons that taxable accounts should be part of most investors’ tool kits.

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Are Your Assets in the Right Types of Accounts?

January 27, 2015 -

Taking care with asset placement can result in big tax savings.

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Avoiding Retirement Savings Mistakes

January 12, 2015 -

How to avoid the mistakes that can reduce income security

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How to Choose a Tax Preparer

December 1, 2014 -

Use these tips to search for a qualified tax professional

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A Tax-Smart Plan for Retirement Withdrawals

November 1, 2014 -

Take a closer look at the sequence of your withdrawals to preserve your tax benefits

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